Hello, my name is Kristy Nataraja.
I am international dance artist who is specialised on ancient dance and improvisation. I also explore the nature of spontaneity through body and mind.
Currently based in Russia, Moscow. Originally from Ukraine.
The role of an artist in this world is quite unstable and valuable at the same time.
There is something bigger than my personal reasons, purpose and background. It is Love and Devotion to Art and to the Higher creative source which each of us represents. The reborn of the archetype of a female dancer as a Priestess, but in the modern world, is a reason and motivation why I am here to dance.
Movement is a prayer for me and this is what every female dancer actually does when she moves. She is a living bridge between Heaven and Earth, serving to people and deities, delivering energies from one to another back and forth.
So she serves, evokes, helps, inspires...she loves.
And there is certain magic in the way movements are appearing when they are chosen, transformed and put together in the moment by means of improvisation, opening limitless possibilities for a dancer and creating an infinite source of inspiration, power, beauty, harmony and love for an audience.
Dance is my spiritual practice that serves the whole world.
Kristy Nataraja - choreographer, dance performer and explorer, originally based in
Kristy is a dance coach with experience of more than 10 years, an experienced judge with a range of victories and achievements in CIS and Europe, a constant presenter of dance workshops and the author of unique techniques called SYMBOL DANCE, directed on development of improvisation and awareness in dance. Her dance freestyle is based on combination of street dance and ancient dance art forms, the main of which is odissi. The style became so much extraordinary and remarkable that naturally became separated and independent.
In 2017-2018 Kristy held a range of educational workshops in India and China and judged a range of festivals in experimental and street dance nominations.
Kristy is always open to different creative interdisciplinary collaborations. She is interested in modern art, martial arts, yoga and oriental philosophy. Kristy also studies psychology and the nature of dance improvisation as well. Her unique abstract style, the work of imagination, musicality and technical execution inspire and give a chance to feel «here and now» in the new interpretation of street dance and ancient dance form together on one playground.