Kristy Nataraja

— an international dance artist, teacher, choreographer, performer, lecturer and philosopher who is specialized on ancient dance and improvisation, explores
the nature of spontaneity
through body and
Born in Ukrainian,
based in Russia, Moscow.
Currently traveling in India.
Performance at The Gorky Moscow Art Theater or Moskovskiy Hudojestvenny Akademicheskiy Theater (МHAT) link on YouTube
She started her career as a performer and dance teacher in 2012 and mostly known as "aka Kristy" - one of the strongest dancers in the CIS and Europe in the hip-hop style; author of master classes and new techniques in improvisation, improvement and awareness in dance; an experienced judge with many victories and merits in Russia and
The Kristie's dance is mostly known as an "experimental hip-hop": her uniqueness in abstract style, imagination, musicality and technical performance inspires and leads people to a "present moment" – new understanding of a street dance in an intellectual key.
"The role of an artist in this
world is quite unstable and
valuable at the same
There is something
bigger than my
personal reasons,
purpose and
background. It is Love and
Devotion to Art and to the
Higher creative source which each of
us represents ."
__________________ — Kristy Nataraja
Movement is a prayer for Kristy and this is what makes her special in dance. The ability to awake, help and inspire people to move. An activation of a human's body energy's is the key to travel "back and forth" in the body's memories in the dance practice. Kristy is opening limitless possibilities for a new or experienced dancer and creating an infinite source of inspiration, power, beauty, harmony and love for an audience.
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