Symbol dance (SD or SDP) is a new direction in a modern dance culture, that is based on the practical and theoretical study of the ritual dances of the nations of the world, temple sacred dances and hybrid late styles in order to preserve the traditions of the ancestors, expand consciousness and harmonize the space inside and outside one's own body.
Symbol dance is based on the improvised ritual performance of sacred geometric figures and symbols. It is an imitation of gods & goddesses, scenes from ancient myths that are similiar to our subconscious life scenarios. Through dance we recognize and observe them, live out and release ourselves
Like any other dance style, SD has its own base, which relies on ancient and modern foundations. Practicing improvised ritual performance of sacred geometric figures and symbols, you discover your own body language, dance signature and codes.
It's a practice where by the basis of female archetypes. I'm revealing the principle of improvisation. Through sacred symbols, racks and sequences.
Symbol Dance Practice
— Kristy Nataraja
Street Dance Techniques
EX+0 2022
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